ABB offers SACE FORMULA, the new MCCB family up to 630A, dedicated to that markets which requires products for the most common applications



     The A-line contactor range has the same design from 9A to 750A (AC3 duty) motor loads - and for a broad range of DC and other AC applications.
This making it easier to match your needs with fewer components.






Overload Relay

     Thermal overload relays are used in connection with contactors A, AF, AE, TAE, BC and TBC to protect motors with a rated operating voltages up to 690 V a.c. and 800 V d.c.







Motor Starter

     The need for individual short circuit protective devices such as fuses is eliminated with group motor applications, saving installation expense and panel space.
ABB Line manual motor starters are UL Listed and can be used in group installations of motors.







Push Button & Pilot Light

     A complete range of 22 pushbuttons, selector switches, pilot lights, signal towers and beacons etc. including buzzer, heavy duty pushbutton, potentiometer,
reset button and an emergency stop pushbutton range which fulfill IEC 947.5.5.







ACB (Emax)

     All the SACE Emax circuit-breakers have the same height and depth both in the fixed and withdrawable version and allow construction of compact switchgear.







MCCB (Tmax)

     The ABB moulded case circuit-breakers are proposed into eight sizes: T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, S7 and S8. The rated ultimate breaking capacity under short-circuit, Icu, at 380/415V AC is available starting from 16kA up to 200kA.







MCB (Stotz)

     MCB's protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations. All the MCB's comply to IEC/EN 60898 and IEC/EN 60947-2 Standards.







Load Center & Cusumer unit

     Residual current operated circuit-breakers are amperometric protection devices which trip when the system leaks a significant current to earth.







Terminal Block

     ABB offers the most comprehensive product range of terminal blocks which include a variety of functions like feed-through, double deck, triple deck, ground, disconnect, fuse, sensor actuator,
disconnect neutral adapted to all market connection technologies.






Monitoring Relay

     Monitoring relays are used in industries and plants, also in building technologies, distributions and computer systems.








     ABB makes low voltage electronic relays (thermistor relays, timer relays, monitoring relays, safety relays, interface relays, solid state relays, etc.) as well as protective relays for generators,
transformers and substations.







Capacitor & PFC

     ABB Low Voltage Capacitors provide significant improvement of power quality and reduction in energy cost by : reducing or eliminating expensive utility penalties for low power factor,
reducing power losses in cables and tran








     ABB is launching a new range of IndustrialIT enabled push and play Softstarters named PST. With a motor current range of 30-1050 A and a main voltage range of 208-600 V, 400-690 V, they complement the existing PSS Softstarters for 3-515 A.







AC Drive (Inverter)

     AC drive technology extends the motor speed range from zero to high above the rated speed, increasing the productivity of the driven process. When a low capacity is enough, the drive reduces the machine speed and saves energy.







Load Break Switch (Stromberg)

     Stromberg was established in Finland in 1889. Offerings included electromechanical products such as generators, electric motors and even small power plants.The founder of the company, Gottfrid Stromberg,
became the first person in the country to conduct academic research and teaching in electrotechnology while acquiring the highest university level knowledge in Berlin and Hanover, Germany.







Fuse & Slipover

     ABB Expulsion Fuse Links are suitable for oil immersed service and use with single and three phase pad-mounted high voltage transformers filled with transformer oil.


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